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A home with caring of a mother and brain of a robot

Homover is build in solid concrete  for ultimate quality and person protection for every weather conditions. Starting with the floors, every part is designed for supererior strength and endurance, from ultra hard surfaces to thick armor glass



4 Elements and 

If there was something more important, we’d ad it. Onley with 4 different solid concrete elements are we abele to modular various house layouts. Thanks to our VV-assembly system construction time is estimated to 10days for turnkey Homover.

powering systems (triple safe)

Power the Homover by keeping youre self in shape..... This is the new  powering technology provided by NOSSA, the Homover is mainly powered by a small Cardio  gym which is part of the powering system. The secondary power comes from the solar panel and third system is the regular grid electricity.


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